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WOC’s Programme:

Miaou(from Dolly Suite) - Fauré arr. Marks


Sunrise, Sunset - J Brock arr. Kennedy


Tango - C Cowles


Shmooky and Mo - K Degg


WOW’s Programme:

Paramount Park - E Rath


James Bond Theme - M Norman


Canon - Pachelbel arr. Marks


Wallace and Gromit - J Nott


December 2014

The West Oxfordshire Winds and West Oxfordshire Clarinets, conducted by Wendy Marks, gave a well rehearsed and most enjoyable concert in Eynsham Church on 27th June, with a large and appreciative audience.


The West Oxfordshire Clarinets, who have improved immensely since I last heard them, followed Freeland Orchestra. I really enjoyed their spirited, gutsy playing, with the added depth provided by the bass clarinets. The phrasing in Sunrise, Sunset was particularly effective.


The West Oxfordshire Winds ended the concert with stylish performances of four contrasting pieces. The meticulous tuning session before they began really paid dividends; the intonation was excellent. I particularly enjoyed Wendy Marks's arrangement of Pachelbel's Canon…good to hear such a well-known piece in a different guise. An excellent trumpet solo in "Wallace and Gromit" ended a really enjoyable concert.


(Rachael Sherlaw-Johnson)