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WOW’s Programme:


The Wizard of Oz - Arlen

       If I only had a Brain,

       We're Off to See the Wizard,

       Over the Rainbow

      Ding, Dong the Witch is Dead


Summertime - Gershwin


Blue Moon - Rodgers/Hart


Rhapsody in Blue  - Gershwin


Summer Holiday - Welch/Bennett

December 2011

WOW changed venue for their summer concert, making this the third hall I've heard them in. Despite the poor summer weather we're having, the hall was very hot during the concert, no doubt making it quite uncomfortable for some of the players. Playing in tune becomes a real problem for wind players in extremes of temperature, but they managed this very well.


The hall was fairly full, with about 70-80 people. The wind and pieces ranged from a Wizard of Oz medley, through Gershwin's Summertime (wishful thinking, weather-wise!) to Summer Holiday, that old chestnut sung by Cliff Richard. I, for one, am pleased the new roof at Wimbledon precludes the need for him to sing there, and much preferred this rendition by WOW.  All-in-all, this was a very enjoyable evening. The players looked as though they were really enjoying themselves and the audience response showed they also did. It's good to see the group going from strength to strength, in terms of numbers participating and quality of performance. Well done.

(Doug Lamb)