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West Oxfordshire Winds



WOC’s Programme:

Romanian Folk Dances - Bartok


By Heck - S.R. Henry  


Here, There & Everywhere - McCartney


Tritsch-Tratsch Polka - J Strauss



WOW’s Programme:

Mary Ann - Trad. Trinidad


Bohemian Rhapsody - Mercury


My Favourite Time of Year - Huckeby


I Get Around - The Beach Boys  

July 2013

The West Oxfordshire Clarinets opened with a marvellous set of dances by Bartok. It looked as fun to play as it was to listen to, and it was a good opener. There was good intonation, ensemble and rhythm. BY HECK, by S R Henry, was a fun piece and equally well played.  Then followed HERE, THERE & EVERYWHERE, by McCartney/Marks, and this section ended well with the Tritsch-Trastch Polka by the younger Strauss.  Interestingly, the group was 11 strong with only one man! Where have all the men gone?


After an enjoyable interval of lovely mince pies and drinks, the evening finished with the West Oxfordshire Winds. Their first piece, MARY ANN, was fun and nicely played. This was followed by BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY, by Mercury arr. Marks. This was a challenging work which was generally well played and fun to listen to. WOW finished with two works, one by Huckeby and I GET AROUND from The Beach Boys.
All the groups played with enthusiasm, and Wendy Marks and the players are to be congratulated on the success of the evening.


(Philip Shirtcliff)