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WOW’s Programme:

The Syncopated Clock - L Anderson


Three-Course Meal - G Parry-Jones

(1. Gavotte: Brown Windsor,

(2.  Russian Waltz: Beef Stroganov

(3.  Charleston: Mississippi Mud Pie


Sentimental Journey - Brown


The Big Country - J Morross


WOC’s Programme:

Sally’s Song - D Elfman


Tico, Tico - Z Abreu


Fugue No 7 (Book 2) - J S Bach


Lilita Mia Tango - A Oldyard

July 2012

The concert at Henry Box School, Witney on December 7th was a rare treat. Freeland Orchestra, West Oxfordshire Clarinets and West Oxfordshire Winds provided fine entertainment, all conducted by the brilliant Wendy Marks. Participants ranged from primary school age to pensioners.

The clarinet group, which formed in October, included three bass clarinets and so had a strong ensemble sound. Their programme was varied, from tango to Bach fugue, both ideal for the group but both too short for the audience, showing how well the group has worked in its short life.

The entertainment continued with the wind band, an impressive group who demonstrated firm control of complicated rhythms and varied textures. Their final piece, the theme from 'The Big Country', was played confidently and again left the audience wanting more.


(Jill Hargreaves)